Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bob’s bobber

Bob rides his bobber. He had some guy build it and now he finally gets to ride. He took off early from his briefcase job in a stifling high rise. He’s waitin’ on his patch he ordered special from some outfit in Hong Kong—twenty bucks on eBay. He intends to be one bad bobber-ridin’ Bob.

Post and photo © Pseudocognitive All rights reserved, forever.


  1. Good lane position, looking through the corner - he might already be OBB. But he's got some work to do. No patch, no matter how bada$$, can conquer slippers and white socks.

  2. That's a fact. He's wearing those cheap Kung Fu slippers you can get for 8 bucks a pair on KarateDepot.com.

    His lane position is good, but he was actually looking at the camera.;-)