Saturday, December 24, 2011

I just effing shot myself...revisited

He thinks he fuckin' shot himself (YouTube screen capture)

I originally posted this on my old blog back in July. It's old news now, but this guy still entertains me. Let me state up front that I give him credit for having the stones make the video in the interests of helping other guys NOT fuckin' shoot themselves.

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This is a laugh riot. “After the shot went off, my training took over.” Yeah? You were trained to scream “I JUST FUCKING SHOT MYSELF!”? Adding to the entertainment value of this screen gem is the fact that when Quick Draw screams that he fucking shot himself, he does so in a trademarked John Wayne cadence. Here he is, Tex “Flesh Wound” Scrubner (Scribner? Scruvner? I can’t tell) practicin’ his quick draw against Michael Imperioli...

Unfortunately, this scenario feeds a negative stereotype. People who believe guns are inherently evil look at this and see a right wing lunatic fringe nutcase.
And there are some over-the-edge gun owners who believe that a vast government conspiracy to confiscate all of their guns is behind every effort to regulate some aspect of gun ownership, who believe that the 2nd Amendment means that every person (well, every person with whom they happen to identify) should be able to purchase and carry whatever firearm in whatever quantity they choose, anytime, anywhere. But there are also plenty of gun owners who do not fit that description. Videos like this one promulgate the stereotype to some degree (I cannot be blamed for promulgating anything at all by posting it here, except to the five or six people a month who accidentally happen across this blog). Stuff like this just gives more ammo to the flower-power nut-jobs on the other crazy end of the spectrum, the “guns are inherently evil and if we got rid of all of ‘em then everyone would get along and there would be no more violence” crowd–the Brady Bunch.

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UPDATE: Here's the musical remix...

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  1. Great follow up video. Glad you're ok.