Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Charlie Sheen and Mike Huckabee, hellraisers and life-breakers

See this vehicle? I’m betting its primary purpose is to make people think it’s some kind of cop car. I don’t have to point out the features that would fool some people–there they are, right in front of you. The telltale aspects of its phoniness are there as well, although they may be harder to spot in this crappy camera phone picture. My point is that this is a vehicle of deception.

I took the liberty of deciding that Charlie Sheen and Mike Huckabee arrived together in this vehicle and were inside the supermarket when I snapped this shot. Charlie drove, of course. He drove with a mania few can appreciate unless they’ve witnessed or experienced it first hand. He shoved that car with an urgency of hurt, slicing and bludgeoning his way through traffic, following old wheel ruts left a century and a half ago by foolhardy citizens who ate their neighbors’ thighs and tender parts. Mike rode shotgun, chuckling at Charlie’s wild persistence at plowing the latest road to Hell. Mike traffics in the idea of Hell. He’s a master of it, and Charlie is his pilot on personal retainer. It’s a perfect match.

Next: Mike and Charlie run for office.

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