Sunday, August 28, 2011

Intervention: Dragonfly and spider

Random incident report for 28 AUG 2011:
Today I freed a rusty orange dragonfly from a web. Outdoor spider number one looked at me with reproach, but my wife and I have been raising rusty orange dragonflies in our pond longer than I've been observing these fat yard spiders in their five foot diameter webs, and my loyalties are to the odonatans. Spider wasn't gonna eat him anyway; she just looked on in horror as that P-47 Thunderbolt of the insect world thrashed the web all to hell. I got Orange Bob to perch on my index finger while I snipped the silk less than a millimeter from one of his wings, and off he went on another mosquito hunt. No camera available (I only have the two hands), but above you can see a picture of one of his  progenitors, which I snapped with my Instamatic back in '05.

That is all.

© Pseudocognitive

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