Thursday, December 22, 2011

All in all we’re just a…bunch o’ heads on The Wall.

Rio Vista, California is the home of an establishment I've placed on my list of “Shoot a rat with a .38, then say ‘Notify PETA’ in a sardonic tone” places. It's also on my list of “This contradicts my wildlife management opinions, but it’s so danged cool that I will allow myself a bit of self-serving hypocrisy” spots. The newest and biggest of the bar and grill’s silent inhabitants (a bull elephant, not pictured here because I was too busy eating my robustly satisfying medium-rare New York strip steakwich) was acquired in 1951. Lot’s of ‘em date back to the 30′s. There’s just something about chowing down under those watchful dead heads. Everywhere you look, there they are. In the long bar and in each of the dining rooms. Want fries with that glassy-eyed stare?

Find them at Foster’s Bighorn on Main Street in Rio Vista, the little city that may have  served as partial inspiration for the town of Charming in Kurt Sutter‘s Sons of Anarchy. Go there. And visit Gemma T's drive-in (less than a mile away) while you’re at it.

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