Friday, August 26, 2011

California's Sierra Nevada. Highways 4 and 108.

Update: Last rode these roads a while ago. Did Hwy 4 this summer, one time. Hwy 108 last year. My rides now number in the low to mid single digits each summer due to circumstances.

On this occasion, there were not many other vehicles. Encountered fewer than ten on the high elevation section of 4. A little bit of gravel in a couple of the hairpins, but nothing problematic if you're watching for it. Mosquito Lake now completely ice-free. National Forest Service employee drove by and offered us water when we were stopped by Silver Creek. Saw some senior citizens walking along the roadside in that stretch. No pedal-bikists in evidence. No deer observed either (although one did cross some other road on the way up--I forgot which). Saw no cattle in the roadway this time. Charlie Sheen did not attempt to run us over as he shoved his car with an urgency of hurt, slicing and bludgeoning his way through space and time, following old wheel ruts left a century and a half ago by foolhardy citizens who ate their neighbors’ thighs and tender parts. VERY nice weather up there; about 60 degrees and sunny at around 3pm. This was in mid-July; I have no idea about right now. Avoid the small town of Markleeville. That is all.

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