Friday, August 26, 2011

Random scenes from the 70′s and 80′s, Part One

CHP pursued a parolee-at-large in a stolen Delta 88 one winter night, southbound on an old two lane hard-ribbon on the muddy Central Valley floor. The officer did not employ the PIT maneuver; I don’t think CHP started using it until the mid to late 80′s. Instead, he passed the suspect vehicle and tried to stop him by slowing abruptly. The consequences are pictured above. No injuries.

A man and his granddaughter fed some snarky avian fiends. Honolulu, 1983. The kid is now in her 30′s and the man is 94. I was unable to locate the pigeons.

I tamed a wild rat and named her Mara, after a character in some book I was reading at the time. This was back in the analog age, and most rats got their reps from films such as Willard:

The above video is © someone else, not me.

Rats are cool—they’re like cheap dogs.

© Pseudocognitive

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